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Virtual Community Bulletin Board Procedures and Guidelines


As a public institution dedicated to free expression, freedom of speech, and open access to ideas representing all points of view, the St. Charles City-County Library provides an online space to individuals and groups in order to display information that meets the educational, recreational, civic, and cultural needs of the community.

Submitted materials must include the name of the organization/group, contact, registration, location, or other relevant information to be accepted. The community information, materials, or event must be open to the general public and intended to educate, enrich, or inform. Only one post per organization may be displayed at one time.
The Libary assumes no responsibility for any inappropriate use of posted information. The Library does not ensure the community information, materials, or events on display are accurate or reliable. Displayed materials do not constitute endorsement by the Library, the Library District Board of Trustees, or staff.

The Library reserves the right to establish and enforce policies and guidelines regarding the quality of material, time, place, and manner of display; and, suitability for viewing by patrons of all ages.

All postings are to be approved by library staff before being displayed. The Library has the right to refuse or remove submissions at their discretion.


To be considered for promotion on our virtual community bulletin board, your submission must:

  • Promote or describe a public educational, recreational, or cultural event or initiative that meets the civic and relevant needs of the St. Charles County Community.
  • Include organization/group name, contact, registration, location, and other relevant information 
  • Be presented in a professional manner; Handwritten or scanned documents will not be accepted
  • File formats permitted: JPG, JPEG, or PNG (300KB size max)
  • Be approved and displayed at the discretion of Library Staff